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Naturally Fermented

Naturally Fermented

Sourdough is a healthy traditional food similar to yogurt or kombucha. With origins dating back thousands of years, sourdough is a fermentation process using wild "gut-friendly" cultures instead of modern commercial yeast strains.

More Nutrients

As a result of sourdough's slight acidity due to fermentation (which makes it delicious!), vitamins, proteins and amino acids in the dough are more available for your health!

More Nutrients Easier To Digest

Easier To Digest

Sourdough fermentations have shown to decrease the glycemic index of dough and lower its gluten content over time. Therefore, many individuals with minor gluten sensitivities feel awesome eating sourdough!

Please consult your doctor if you are severely allergic to gluten or have celiac disease.

Sourdough is both delicious and gut-friendly!