Thoughtfully Sourced Thoughtfully Sourced Thoughtfully Sourced


We take pride in partnering directly with farmers to bring you the best organic ingredients we can find.

Slow Fermented Sourdough

With freshly milled flour by Central Milling Organics, family-operated for over 150 years.

Organic Plum Tomatoes

Packed within hours of harvest by Dinapoli in California.

Cheese from Grass Fed Cows

With year-round access to pasture courtesy of the Rumiano family.

Sonoma Sea Salt

Naturally filtered into salt ponds along the rocky coast of Northern California.

Mushrooms & Organic Herbs

A generous amount of mushrooms and a sprinkle of oregano.

Organic Sunflower Pesto

Made in-house with handfuls of fresh basil and nutrient-packed sunflower seeds.